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Wheat Environment

Wheat in Morocco

  • Bread wheat > 2M ha, durum wheat about 1M ha
  • Major staple, consumption: 220 Kg/cap/yr.
  • Wheat grown in rainfed / drought-prone areas; sown in autumn
  • Highly variable precipitation pattern and large inter-annual fluctuations.
  • Wide regional variability

Production constraints

Description of the value chain

  • 1.2 Million producers, 300,000 market oriented
  • Profitability (500 US$ - 2000 US$ / ha)
  • Industrial millers: 211 units (143-bread wheat, 58-durum wheat, 19-barley) capacity 9,1 Million MT.
  • Small millers 10,000 units 35% of volumes

Information extracted from presentation of Dr. Nsarellah Nasarellah at Wheat for Africa conference:

List of Moroccan bread wheat varieties:

List of Moroccan durum wheat varieties: