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AGREX Maroc MoroccoFes, MAROC
Agriculture Phytosanitaire Semences d'Elites du MarocAPHYSEM MoroccoA.PHY.S.E.M s.a.r.l 17, Rue Al Hoceima Bloc C. Atlas-FES, 212 (0) 35 65 79 52 or + 212 (0) 35 65 92 31
Association des Cultivateurs Selectionneurs Grainiers du MarocACSG Morocco119 Bd.Mohamed V Casablanca, Maroc
Association Marocaine des Semences et PlantsAMSP MoroccoPostal Address: 2 Rue El Kaf, Appt. No. 1 Hassan Rabat - MOROCCO Physical Location: 2 Rue El Kaf, Appt. No. 1 Hassan Rabat -; 37 263500
Delta Semences SA / Société Nouvelle de SemencesDELTASEM / SNS MoroccoRoute De La Gara, Km 6, Berrechid, 22 32 52 52 or 05 22 32 51 51
Institut National de la Recherche AgronomiqueINRA MoroccoAvenue de la Victoire, BP 415 Rabat, 0537 77 09 55 National Institute for Agricultural Research "INRA" has the task to undertake the research for agricultural development. It is a public institution whose origins date back to 1914 with the creation of the first official agricultural research services. It has been recently a structural reorganization to modernize its business processes. The purpose of the new organization is to provide the institution with a: • Strategic planning for appropriate capacity building prospective adaptation, response and demand forecasting social Agricultural Research; • proximity policy based on regionalization and decentralization of research • integrated monitoring, evaluation and control; • integrated management of resources; • policy upgrading its products; • coherent information and cooperation. INRA operates through ten regional centers of agricultural research and 23 experimental fields spread over the country and covering various agro-ecosystems of the country. research projects INRA is defined with the participation of partners, customers and specifiers regional. They are conducted within thirty research units hosted by the Regional Centres. They are supervised at the central ten scientific departments oriented discipline. To accomplish its mission and be in tune with the latest scientific, INRA relations partnerships with national and international organizations, development organizations, the private sector and Non-Governmental Organizations.
Maroc-Semences s.a. MAROSEM Morocco22, bd Hassan El Alaoui,  Quartier: Aïn Borja, 20320, Casablanca, MOROCCO  (212) 5 22 62 09 98 or (212) 5 22 62 13 34
Société Nationale de Commercialisation des SemencesSONACOS MoroccoAdresse: 30, rue Moulay Ali Chérif 10000 , Rabat, MOROCCO Adresse Postale : BP: 67, 10001, Rabat, MOROCCO 0537-76-14-64/76 or 0537-76-24-89